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We are fast becoming the No.1 independent motorcycle tyre & accessory supplier in the UK. Supplying the motorcycle community whether you are a social rider or whether you are a dedicated competitive rider we have the right products & advice for you.

We started on this journey a few years ago, our heritage is in competitive Motocross and competing at the highest level gave us an understanding of exactly what is needed for a rider and a customer.

 Safety and grip are paramount and we have a belief in providing world class service, the best products at the best price.

Checkout our offers and search for your tyres online, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tyre Tree ... "Always branching out"

We will regularly review new product launches and provide information about exciting new products as they hit the market.

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Liam has spent three weeks competing in the Spanish sunshine, a great way to get in some early season Motorcross whilst at the same time testing out new tyres and bikes in readiness for the new Motorcross season.

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2024 is an exciting time for the team at Tyre Tree and we are kicking into the new year with a fantastic new website where you can search

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We are delighted to announce that we are exapnding the range of products we are supplying through our collaboration with the worlds leading manufacturers and oureasy to use online booking system will now also feature accessories as well as the most comprehensive range of tyres to suit all bikes.

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Huge range to choose from whatever your needs.

Whether you are a social rider or a dedicated competitive rider here at Tyre Tree we look after the entire motorcycle community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of bike Tyres?

There are predominantly two differing tyre types.

Radial and Bias - this describes the way in which the tyres internal cords are arranged during the manufacturing process 

Bias - 

The bias tyre is manufacrured by the ply cords being manufactured in layers & arranged at an angle. These layers are placed in a criss-cross pattern which means there is uniformity across the crown and the sidewall of the tyre.

  • Bias and Bias belted tyres are the two sub categories, traditionally the Bias belted tyres are usually a more robust construction..


  • Radial tyres are constructed from cords which have been rubber bonded and placed so they run across the circumference of the tyre. The radial piles are then covered by a casing belt made up of cord or steel which is then covered by the rubber tread.



The legal limit for tyre tread for motorbikes over 50cc is 1mm across ¾ of the width of the tread pattern and with visible tread on the remaining ¼. Motorcycle tyre manufacturers usually use tread wear indicators to help to notify you when your tyre tread is reaching its legal minimum and tyres need to be replaced.If you are unsure best get the tyres checked by a tyre specialist, after all it's the only part of your macjhine thats in touch with the road surface.

For advice on what is best for you contact us via email

For advice contact us by email at


We have invested significantly in our warehousing, distribution and back office systems in order to be able to offer you a fast, efficient and accurate service. We are partnered with the major bike tyre wholesalers & manufacturers to offer unrivalled choice.


Years of competition, working with some of the leading experts in all aspects of motorbike preparation & competition gives us a huge knowledgeable from which to draw upon, so whatever your need you can rest assured we are able to give you the very best advice.


Competition is in our blood so whether we are chasing glory racing around European Motorcross Circuit or simply offering you the most competitively priced tyres & accessories for your bike, we know how to win, and know what it takles to get you the best deal.

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